Closing the Bones Ceremonies

What is a Closing the Bones Ceremony?
It is an ancient post-partum healing practice that is suitable for most women as you journey through life, from maiden to crone, whether you are a new mum, had children some time ago or never had children at all.


It is a massage technique that uses a combination of gentle womb massage with a bespoke combination of essential oils and Mexican Rebozo shawls used to gently and rhythmically “tug” the physical body and dislodge deep seated physical and emotional issues. It works on both the energetic system and connective tissue within the physical body.

It ends with the body being wrapped in Rebozos, recreating the feeling of safety experienced in the womb so you can rest, feeling warm, held, safe for a deep, restorative relaxation that will allow you to release stress, trauma and negative experiences stuck in your body.

As you surrender to the experience, I will be holding space for you, so you can let go and fully benefit from the full experience, healing at your own pace.

This beautiful ceremony needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated as words really do not do it justice

Our Services:

  • Rebozo Massage or Oil Massage plus full head and hip wrap (60 or 75 mins) 
  • Rebozo Massage or Oil Massage plus full body wrap (90 mins) 
  • Full Closing the Bones Ceremony, including Rebozo massage, oil womb and chest massage and full body wrap (2-3 hours depending on your needs and preferences) 

Prices start at £55