Breathwork & Meditation

Breathwork and meditation are two practices that are often used together to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being.

Knowing how to breathe is the key to good health and a long life.
Learning how to breathe and focusing the mind through meditation practices can have a profound impact on the quality of our lives, relieving stress and anxiety, releasing deep seated trauma, bringing clarity and generally leading to a lighter, brighter life.

You will have the opportunity to become consciously familiar with your breath, the pranic energy that keeps you alive. You will learn simple but powerful techniques based on Kundalini Yoga pranayama practices that can be used daily to manage stress, anxiety, depression and help you shed the mental load so life becomes a little bit easier.

Steeped in Kundalini Tradition, this workshop will delve deeply into what meditation is and how it can profoundly affect the way we experience life on a daily basis.

We will debunk some myths and learn techniques that will make it easier to practice meditation, even for those who find it hard to sit still and focus on the here and now

Breathwork & Meditation

Monthly 90 minutes session on the 1st Sunday of each month 9;30-11am at Cardiff Pilates Studio

Classes to be booked and paid for 24 hours in advance to secure your place.

About the treatments

£15/pp includes light snacks and caffeine-free drink at the end

What to expect

Mats and comfort props are provided, Please ensure you wear comfy clothes in layers and bring an extra blanket for warmth and comfort as the body cools down significantly during the practice.